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Outside sports and uv-B rays

Most surfers know all too well; you burn quicker when on the water than when on the shore. You burn faster, because besides the rays of sunlight you receive from the sun, you would also receive rays reflecting from the water onto your body. Not only for water, but it also occurs when you are around snow; especially if you are aiming for glaciers. It is not a surprise for surfers in these circumstances to choose for IslandTribe’s suncream.

Benefits of IslandTribe for athletes

By using IslandTribe’s suncream, you no longer have to suffer stinging eyes. Lubcricating once a day is sufficiant in most cases – and you do not have a white haze on your face (imagine if someone wants to make a nice picture of you)! Besides that, being the most import thing of course, IslandTribe just provides the perfect protection against sunrays. Depending on your preference, you can choose for a gel, stick or spray.

How to use IslandTribe’s suncream properly?

For activities inside, besides and on the water, but also in the snow, it is recommended that you lubricate atleast half an hour beforehand. Depending on how much you get into contact with water or snow, the protection lasts for atleast 4 to 6 hours.

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